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Commercial & Residential Stonework in Memphis, TN

Transform your home or business with Germantown Landscape Company. We specialize in commercial and residential stonework in Memphis, TN, helping customers customize and maximize their outdoor areas. With our fast services and experience, we enhance landscapes with high-quality materials and beautiful designs.

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Durable & Resistant

Whether wanting a durable garden wall or paver, consider requesting our stonework services for your next project. This popular material is highly resistant to pests, weather, and fire, which makes it ideal for outdoor applications. Additionally, its durable capabilities make stone long-lasting and one of the most popular materials for construction and landscaping.

Increased Property Value

From stone patios to pathways, make your property stand out in the real estate market with our craftsmanship and design. High-quality and well-finished stonework can increase a property’s value. Stone materials are usually perceived as elegant and sophisticated, which is why many commercial and residential customers invest in them.

Landscaping Solutions

Stone is a natural material, so it fits seamlessly with the outdoors and increases the aesthetics of a property. Create an organic area with our landscaping design using stone, plants, wood, and water. From adding pathways surrounded by flowers to benches covered by tree shade, ask our experts for beautiful garden and yard solutions.

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